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Student Works 

Including student work from my time teaching at Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Vanderbilt University, Austin Peay State University, and Volunteer State Community College.

Advanced Drawing

Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Focus on complex, self-defined projects using combinations of media addressed in Introductory and Intermediate courses. 

Digital Illustration

Austin Peay State University. Advanced illustration course for students who completed all intro classes, exploring combining traditional with digital media and developing unique style and artistic voice.

Introductory Drawing

Austin Peay State University. Foundation art course addressing basics of observational drawing in tiered lessons covering mark making, visual measuring, shading techniques, and culminating in advanced still-life project.

Intro to Graphic Design

Volunteer State Community College. Exploring principles of combining text and pictures for clarity of style and communication through projects including print and online layout, logo design, and creative typography. Students gained literacy in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Included below are example of students' thumbnails from developing their logos.

2D Design

Austin Peay State University. Focused on exploring the Elements and Principles of Design through a series of tiered projects intended to offer a wide scope for creativity while developing mastery of concepts and traditional media. 

Faranza's Journey – A Bangladesh Story of the Water, Land, and People

Vanderbilt University. Graduate/Undergraduate cooperative workshop project benefitting water sustainability and educational efforts in Bangladesh.

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